If you are looking for treat for your eyes then Gary L’Heureux is taking you to the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, the city site is very beautiful and shown in many movies for its respective beauty and attractiveness. The dry climate and the scenery view of the city is the main reason to visit Sicily.

Gary L’Heureux - Sicily Luxury Tours & Trips 2020

According to Gary L’Heureux, for your vacations in summer, Sicily is the best to choose option as they have many festivals listed for the summer months including interesting traditional festivals known as Gastronomic festival, others are the making of candy and chocolate and the visitors can enjoy the making and eating of chocolate by dancing to the music beats, this festival is known as Chocomodica festival. Sicily is a point of tourism from around the world and many cruise ships stop there for tourism, so your selection of the destination would be quite appealing.

Talking about Sicily food which tourist love are Arancini, Pasta, Cannoli and Crusty bread with olive oil along with international cuisines that satisfy the visitor’s cravings but the most famous and iconic hit for the visitors remain the Cantonese dish Pasta alla Norma.

On a travel with Gary L’Heureux, you will be amazed to know the culture of Sicily which is very unique and it has most famous Valley of Temples in Agrigento and its Greek Temples, the famous opera house of Palermo, it is also known as island of great food and site with good tourism provided to the visitors, so pack your bags for Sicily this year as you don’t want to miss the island’s famous Pasta alla Norma by the Sicilians.