Gary L’Heureux – Tips for Your First Trip to Italy

Italy’s great food, beautiful countryside, fabulous wine, and long history make it an excellent country to visit.


Italy travel leaves no visitor underwhelmed and, with so much to do and see, it would take a lifetime to complete. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see a lot in your time there, whether it’s a short two-week vacation or a longer backpacking trip!

Gary L’Heureux | The Best Time to Travel to Morocco


Gary L’Heureux says that Morocco is an amazing country that hits all a traveler’s senses. You may love it or hate it but you’ll walk away from a better traveler because you went.

Gary L’Heureux – Places to Visit & Things to do in Mumbai | Youtube

Mumbai is very rich in culture and history so if you are a history freak then it is going to be a great experience for you as it has ancient Buddhist and Hindu caves. As Gary L’Heureux mentions, their culture is very unique as women’s wear saris and few wears western clothing in some areas adapted by the residents of those areas.

Gary L’Heureux | Tips for Traveling San Francisco on a Budget

Gary L'Heureux | Tips for Traveling San Francisco on a Budget

Gary L’Heureux says that San Francisco regularly grabs headlines for being the most expensive place in the United States to live. But that doesn’t mean you should cross it off of your travel bucket list! In fact, this dynamic California city is jam-packed with cheap and even free things to do.

Gary L’Heureux - Best Things to Do in New York City 2020

Gary L’Heureux – Best Things to Do in New York City 2020

Gary L’Heureux next spot for travel destination is city of lights New York which is rich in its urbanization, authenticity, sites and tourism. It has world’s most iconic skyscrapers including Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and Times Square, you would lose your count if you start counting how many times New York is starred in movies and shows and all of these buildings are used in that. The world-famous Times Square is a must to go because of its cinematic screening, Broadway shows and neon lights which really make you feel like a celebrity walking down the streets of Times Square.

New York has the best life due to its economic and tourism, people there are mostly urbanized and friendly, the city is well renewed with new innovations and site buildings. So, on visiting such city your friends would be expecting gifts from you, so New York is the paradise for shopping as you can find literally anything in this world over here and even designers’ clothes and products in discounted rates so you would probably love this part of your tour.Gary L’Heureux - Best Things to Do in New York City 2020Talking about the place to stay in, as there are several hotels but Gary L’Heureux suggests the best and affordable one to your pocket and service needs which is “The Langham”, that is good to your needs and is good to go for 5-star hotel experience.

How do you know you choose the best city for travel this time? If you had enough experience on every time you get out of your hotel, so in New York going out would probably lead you to something exciting and experiential because of its theaters, movies and clubs that would be treat to your travel experience.

Here comes the food part of the city, as we all know many New York styled dishes and desserts are famous around the world that includes New York style pizza, cheese cake, bagel, pastrami and pretzels, New Yorkers even have their famous drink that is Moscow Mule.

There is also a song about New York describing the vibe of the city names as New York, New York originally sang by Liza Minelli in 1977 and is covered over the years by many singers.

Gary Lheureux suggests you to pack your bags for New York city this time, don’t visit the city in the month of January because it is the coldest month in the year and your travel experience might get delayed due to extreme coldness so it would be great to spend your summer months June and July in New York, so pack your bikinis and summer suits for your travel tour.

Gary L’Heureux – Plan a Trip to Grand Canyon

To experience some of the most inspiring views America has to offer, plan a trip to Grand Canyon National Park. The Colorado River weaves its way through the 277-mile-long canyon, making it a top destination for whitewater rafting. The Arizona park is also a superb spot to hike, offering scenic paths like the Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time in the Grand Canyon, you’re sure to feel small against its towering rock formations and expansive vistas.

Gary L’Heureux – Sicily Luxury Tours & Trips 2020

If you are looking for treat for your eyes then Gary L’Heureux is taking you to the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, the city site is very beautiful and shown in many movies for its respective beauty and attractiveness. The dry climate and the scenery view of the city is the main reason to visit Sicily.

Gary L’Heureux - Sicily Luxury Tours & Trips 2020

According to Gary L’Heureux, for your vacations in summer, Sicily is the best to choose option as they have many festivals listed for the summer months including interesting traditional festivals known as Gastronomic festival, others are the making of candy and chocolate and the visitors can enjoy the making and eating of chocolate by dancing to the music beats, this festival is known as Chocomodica festival. Sicily is a point of tourism from around the world and many cruise ships stop there for tourism, so your selection of the destination would be quite appealing.

Talking about Sicily food which tourist love are Arancini, Pasta, Cannoli and Crusty bread with olive oil along with international cuisines that satisfy the visitor’s cravings but the most famous and iconic hit for the visitors remain the Cantonese dish Pasta alla Norma.

On a travel with Gary L’Heureux, you will be amazed to know the culture of Sicily which is very unique and it has most famous Valley of Temples in Agrigento and its Greek Temples, the famous opera house of Palermo, it is also known as island of great food and site with good tourism provided to the visitors, so pack your bags for Sicily this year as you don’t want to miss the island’s famous Pasta alla Norma by the Sicilians.

Gary Lheureux – 10 Best Things To Do In USA

If you ready for vacation trip with family and friends then you can go USA. Gary Lheureux provide offers for this trip!!.

Gary Lheureux - 10 Best Things To Do In USA

Here incredible activities and fun things await you in the States and you must do them all! So, One of the world’s most renowned green spaces. All these things are unique and traditional to the culture of the country and will definitely leave you enthralled!

Gary L’Heureux | The Ultimate New Orleans Itinerary

Gary L’Heureux | The Ultimate New Orleans Itinerary

Welcome to New Orleans! One of the most distinctive of all American cities – everyone has an image of it in their minds.  It’s a place that glows with neon and you can barely walk a block without hearing some evocative jazz music.

Gary L’Heureux | Helpful Tips For Traveling the Greek Islands

Gary L'Heureux | Helpful Tips For Traveling the Greek Islands

The islands can be grouped into broad clusters and, while many are inhabited, there are also plenty of smaller islands and outcroppings in the ocean that have no-one living there at all. After traveling to many beautiful destinations in Greece, Gary Lheureux created this guide of helpful tips for traveling the Greek islands to help you plan your own trip!

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